Elementary Level Experience Astronomy


Lifetime access to the Experience Astronomy Elementary program—including 30 video lessons, hands-on activities to accompany every lesson, weekly recommended reading assignments, memory work, and copywork.

For $129, your whole family can use this course as many times as you like.


As part of this course students receive…

  • 30 fun video lessons so you can take a break from teaching and still give your kids a solid education
  • Dozens of hands-on activities you and your child can to do together that will bring the lessons to life
  • Recommended reading lists with books that can be read aloud or assigned as independent reading to further your child’s understanding of astronomy and build reading skills
  • Memory work to strengthen your children’s minds and commit important foundational facts to their long-term memory
  • Copywork that accompanies every lesson to reinforce key concepts while practicing handwriting skills


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